#TEDDI40 FEBRUARY 18-19, 2022 (8PM-8PM)

“It was an absolutely amazing experience and sight to see, the goodness that can come throughout these tough times in the Fisher community”: St. John Fisher College held the 39th Annual Teddi Dance for Love and raised $123,641.94. Click the link in our bio to find out exactly how a virtual Teddi worked. 🐻💜 Story by staff-writer madison.weber36 #woahteddi#teddidanceforlove#sjfc#fisher#cardinalcourier#campgooddays#fishernews ...

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Tomorrow kicks off #Teddi39!

Each year, the teddidance4love selects someone from the community who also has ties with Camp Good Days & Special Times, to serve as the Honorary Chair.

This year, the Honorary Chair is Deanna Dewberry from news10nbc. Deanna is a multi-award winning anchor and investigative reporter with over two decades of experience in television news. She is a four-time cancer survivor and is actively involved in community activities that enrich the lives of cancer survivors and promote research. Deanna and her family are participants in the programs at Camp Good Days and are beacons of hope to others who have walked in the same shoes.

This year's Teddi Dance for Love will be virtual and we invite all who would like to attend to join us on Zoom to participate! For more information, visit the Teddi Dance for Love website through the link in our bio!

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Good luck and enjoy to everyone participating in this years 37th Teddi Dance for Love! The library supported you back in 2013, and we are supporting you today! #flashbackfriday #teddidance #woahteddi #laverylibrary #fisherfamily ...

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Geared up in my #Jazzerciseapparel and ready to lead the teddidance4love warm-up virtually...just 2 nights away

The Teddi participants raise money for campgooddays, so if you're looking to spread some L❤ve, check them out


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November 10 marks 100 days until the 40th Annual Teddi Dance for Love at St. John Fisher College. This year’s theme is ‘Teddi 40: What’s Your Story,’ a theme that will encompass the stories from previous campers, current campers, Camp Good Days, and Special Times camp volunteers, and stories from the Fisher community. 

There will be a campus-wide celebration to kick off the countdown until Teddi 40 on November 10. Events include free haircuts, 11 hours of Instagram Challenges, and a 100 days Teddi meeting with Gary Mervis, the founder of Camp Good Days and Special Times, and President Rooney. 

Click the link in our bio to read more about Teddi!

Article by kelsey.braun

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we danced for 11 hours straight and made this the best one yet! #teddi37 #teddidanceforlove #woahteddi 🎊💛 ...

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Teddi 39 Raised $123,641.93 for Camp Good Days and Special Times!!