Tomorrow kicks off #Teddi39!

Each year, the teddidance4love selects someone from the community who also has ties with Camp Good Days & Special Times, to serve as the Honorary Chair.

This year, the Honorary Chair is Deanna Dewberry from news10nbc. Deanna is a multi-award winning anchor and investigative reporter with over two decades of experience in television news. She is a four-time cancer survivor and is actively involved in community activities that enrich the lives of cancer survivors and promote research. Deanna and her family are participants in the programs at Camp Good Days and are beacons of hope to others who have walked in the same shoes.

This year's Teddi Dance for Love will be virtual and we invite all who would like to attend to join us on Zoom to participate! For more information, visit the Teddi Dance for Love website through the link in our bio!

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Geared up in my #Jazzerciseapparel and ready to lead the teddidance4love warm-up virtually...just 2 nights away

The Teddi participants raise money for campgooddays, so if you're looking to spread some L❤ve, check them out


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we danced for 11 hours straight and made this the best one yet! #teddi37 #teddidanceforlove #woahteddi 🎊💛 ...

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#teddi33 #WOAHTeddi #Reddi4Teddi ...

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8:00-8:45 Opening Ceremonies
8:45-9:15 Jazzercise with Priche Smith
9:15-9:45 Feeling Good Hour
Dance Club Performance
Sponsored by: Dance Club
9:45-9:55 MC Wedding
9:55-10:05 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
10:05-10:45 Justin’s Hour
10:20 Start Midnight Pizza Pick-up
Please refer to the card you received with your committee bag when you can pick it up.
Ward/Haffey Dining Hall
10:45-11:20 Boom Boom Bingo
Password: Woahteddi
11:25-12:40 Cardinal Hour with Jack Laino
Sponsored by: Multicultural Affairs
12:40-12:50 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
12:50-1:50 90s/2000s Hour
Sponsored by: American Marketing Association
1:50-2:00 Irish Dance Club Performance
2:00-2:40 Breakup Hour
2:40-3:25 Diva Hour
Sponsored by: Kate Torok and the Communications Department
3:25-3:35 Teddi Line Dance
3:35-4:15 Just Dance Hour
To play Just “Dance ” we will be using the Just Dance Now app. We will project the dances onto the screen and you can use your phone as the remote. You can find further instructions on page 18
4:15-4:25 Cami Clune Performance
4:25-4:55 Holiday Hour
4:55-5:30 Disco Hour
5:30-6:00 Breakfast Break
You will be given a bagel and drink when you pick up midnight pizza.
6:00-6:10 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
6:10-6:40 Yoga and Meditation Hour
Meditation with Jenna Weintraub
Power Yoga with Joan Nichols
6:40-7:05 Musical Broadway Hour
7:05-7:55 Disney Channel Throwback Hour
Sponsored by: Accounting Club
7:55-8:15 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
8:15-8:35 Mike and Luke Metzler Performance
8:35-9:30 Pop2k Hour
9:30-10:15 One Direction Hour
Sponsored by: SGA
10:15-11:00 TikTok Hour
Dining hall opens for brunch at 10:30 Please refer to your country ticket for your timeslot to eat in the dining hall and use a purple meal voucher!
11:00-11:45 Country Hour
11:45-11:55 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
11:55-12:45 DJ MotMot Hour with Dr. Cunningham
12:45-1:25 Karaoke/Lip Sync Hour
Sponsored by: Delta Sigma Pi
1:25-2:10 Around the World Hour
Sponsored by: Multicultural Affairs
2:10-2:45 Alumni Hour
Sponsored by: Institutional Advancement
2:45-3:30 80s Classics Hour
Sponsored by: Athletic Trainers
3:30-4:00 Big Tuna Performance
4:00-4:15 E&C Hair Reveal
Tune in on the Live Zoom to see the before & after pictures of our hair donors and our hair donation total
4:25-5:00 Disney Classics Hour
Sponsored by: SAB
Dining hall opens for dinner at 4:30 Please refer to your country ticket for your time slot to eat in the dining hall and use a purple meal voucher!
5:00-5:30 Camp Songs with Counselors
5:30-6:00 Ryan Perdz Performance
6:00-6:10 Teddi Line Dance and Inspiration
6:10-7:00 Top 40 s Hour
7:00-7:20 Dedication and Balloon Launch
7:20-8:00 Committee Hour
8:00-8:30 Closing Ceremonies
Tune in for the final money reveal and see if we reach our goal of “$115 000!”

#Teddi38 Raised $111,267.21 for Camp Good Days and Special Times!!!